"I am not what has happened to me;

 I am what I choose to become."


Carl Jung

Sessions are held in my office at 1501 W 42nd Street, Kansas City, MO 64113.  Sessions are 50 minutes in length.  The session fee is $110, though there are a few sliding scale slots available for those who need financial reprieve.  Please feel free to contact me in order to inquire about any arrangements not explicitly discussed here. 

As an SMFT, I am pursuing "full licensure" in the state of Missouri.  This means that I have completed all of the necessary education and clinical hours in order to practice, but am still under supervision as I acquire the additional necessary hours to become independently licensed.  I am under the supervision of Michelle Worley, LMFT-MO license number 2012022112. 


I am privileged to work alongside individuals aged 16 and older, on issues related to:


life transitions



depression and anxiety

self-discovery and exploration

self-esteem and identity

intimacy and attachment


career development. 


I enjoy working with couples on a wide spectrum of relationship issues, such as:

improvement in communication

working through trauma and triggers

increasing trust and security

repairing hurt

affair recovery

sexual issues

parenting issues

life transitions

grief and loss

premarital counseling

blending families

changing patterns / family legacies

creating or restoring healthy boundaries.  

For couples who find it difficult to come to weekly therapy sessions, larger blocks of therapy, or intensives, may be available.  Additionally, for those who find that it might be helpful, my husband (also a marriage and family therapist), may offer therapy intensives together. 


Working with a family is such an honor, and offers amazing opportunities for change, healing, and growth.  In my practice the FAMILY is the client, and I will work to support all members.  I am happy to work with families on:

relational discord or disconnection


parent / child / adolescent issues

communication patterns

goal setting, visioning, and family values

grief and loss

life transitions

issues related to trauma and crisis

establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries. 

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Amanda Hindson