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My Approach

We all have a story to tell, a need to be understood, and a place to belong.  I seek to provide a safe place to explore, dream, grieve, process, hope, learn, and pursue growth and transformation.  I feel deeply honored to bear witness to the stories and experiences of the clients that I see, as I strive to help illuminate the path to healing and wholeness.  I believe that all clients, whether I am working with individuals, couples, or families, have unique strengths and remarkable resilience that can be leveraged to meet their therapeutic goals.  My role as a therapist and counselor is to support my clients with their own stated goals for therapy.  We will work together as a team in pursuit of your vision.  My hope is that the therapeutic space and relationship that is built will feel open and non-judgmental, marked by freedom and acceptance, and that the skills and healing that occur in the room will spill over into my client's life and relationships.  


Furthermore, I believe that we were all created by a loving God, wired for beauty, connection, and relationship.  I also hold that each human being has intrinsic value and dignity, and is worthy of care and grace.  The God of my faith is driven by justice and mercy, loves and accepts all people, and is one who calls us forward into healing and transformation.  I seek to bring these personal convictions and values into my therapeutic relationships.  I am pleased and honored to work with all people, regardless of religious orientation (or lack thereof), gender, sexual orientation/identity, race, ethnicity, or economic background.


 I have done extensive research on multicultural counseling, and will always endeavor to counsel my clients with respect and in consideration of the beautiful spectrum of human diversity.  Clinically speaking, I approach people (as well as communities and beyond) from a systemic perspective, which focuses on the ways that people, families, and environments are all connected and mutually influential.  I consider the way patterns of relationships affect identity, experiences, and behaviors, and am interested in making these connections with my clients.  I draw from theorists and researchers such as Brene Brown (shame, vulnerability, and resilience), Salvador Minuchin (family therapy), Sue Johnson (couple therapy), Daniel Siegel (neuropsychology), and Bessel Vanderkolk (trauma).  I view relationships through an attachment and interpersonal lens, and enjoy using interventions from Internal Family Systems, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and interventions focused on shame resilience and attachment repair.  My therapy is infused with a lot of wacky humor, and we will emphasize your strengths and progress. 

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