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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you."


Maya Angelou


About Me

I have always been drawn to change and transformation, and believe that life can be both incredibly beautiful and tremendously difficult.  We live in the space of “already but not yet,” as we long for healing, wholeness, and restoration, but find ourselves in broken places.  I knew since childhood that I wanted my work to focus on helping others, and after a decade of providing consulting and event management for leadership development companies, I decided it was time to follow my heart and become a therapist. 

I truly believe that some of our greatest discoveries and healing are borne from a place of conflict or pain, and that some of our most profound strength and resilience come out of challenging seasons and relationships.  No stranger to suffering myself, I find it a privilege to journey alongside others who are seeking wholeness.  ​


I am the co-founder of KC Well Co., and am a proud mother of two wonderfully wild little boys.  I enjoy reading, cooking and eating delicious food, dancing, traveling, cultural exploration, playing outside, laughing, and generally enjoying the good things in life.  I hold a BS in Psychology and an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy. 

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Specializing in Individuals, Couples,

and Families

Individual Therapy

I am privileged to work alongside individuals aged 16 and older, on issues related to relationships, life transitions, trauma, PTSD, stress, depression, and anxiety, self-discovery and exploration, self-esteem and identity, grief and loss, religious trauma and spiritual issues, intimacy and attachment, attachment repair, communication, and career development. 

Couples Therapy

I enjoy working with couples on a wide spectrum of relationship issues, such as improvement in communication, working through trauma and triggers, increasing trust and security, repairing hurt, affair recovery, sexual issues, parenting, life transitions, grief and loss, premarital counseling, blending families, changing family patterns or legacy, and creating or restoring healthy boundaries.  

Family Therapy

Working with a family is such an honor and offers amazing opportunities for change, healing, and growth.  In my practice the FAMILY is the client, and I will work to support all members.  I am happy to work with families on relationship and parenting issues, communication patterns, goal setting, grief and loss, life transitions, issues related to trauma and crisis, and establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries. 

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